Affordable Healthcare of International Standards now in India

The team involves a highly qualified expert.

It is a breeding ground for many national and international patients seeking heart valve replacement.

While high-profile inmates manage to get bigger space and better facilities “for a price”, others find it difficult to even stretch their legs during night in their stinking, cramped cells.

As per the experience and their practice they obtain Cardiologists are specialized in treating Coronary Angiography, Coronary Angioplasty, Bypass Surgery, Heart Transplant, Congenital Heart Surgery, Heart Valve Replacement, Heart Valve Surgery, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, Mitral Valve Surgery, Pacemaker Surgery, Aortic Valve Surgery and etc.

And Paediatric Cardiologists choose and specialize on diagnoses and treating cardiac related issues in new-borns, childrens and foetuses alike.

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The cost of Robotic Surgery is 30-40% higher than traditional surgery.

The general Physicians who dedicate themselves in this field of medical practice are called cardiologists.

Pediatric cardiologists are the pediatricians who have specialization in cardiology. Physicians who have specialization in cardiac surgery are called as cardiothoracic surgeons or cardiac surgeons or a cardiologist.

Cardiology is a medical study which deals with the disorders of heart and parts of circulatory system.

It includes medical analysis and treatment related to coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects, valvular heart disease, heart failure and electrophysiology.

It has a 310-bed facility with 5 Cath labs and centers.

At times one needs an additional test such as ECG, X-ray, or blood test.

The Joint Commission International(JCI), an accreditation for the meeting of international standards have accredited 21 Indian hospitals of complying with the standards of the Joint Commission Accreditation for Hospital Organizations (JCAHO), which is an extremely good news for the Indian medical tourism industry.

The prime reason of India’s rapid boom in developing as a popular health destination is the fact that Indian medical education is globally renowned and there is a huge demand for Indian doctors around the world, especially in the States.

Statistically, more than thirty thousand doctors of the Indian origin are working in the United States, not mentioning the other majestic amount residing in various parts of Europe, South America and Russia.

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It has an expert team of cardiothoracic professionals who have been dealing with cases ranging from mild to extreme for long.

Their prior experience and state-of-the-art intensive units make them a top choice for many patients seeking heart valve replacements.

Also, Robotic surgery is billed as Minimally Invasive Surgery & therefore, is covered by health insurance.

However, with the benefits offered by Robotic Surgery including minimal rehabilitation, escorts less personal trauma/ side effects & early return to work, in the end it is overall less expensive.

The patients who have already opted for this surgical option counter that robotic surgery actually proves to be cheaper overall – from the point of view of the reduced hospital bill and speedy return to an active, productive life.

Cardiologist may recommend lifestyle changes or medicine and it may differ from patient to patient.

Once meeting a cardiologist in India, he or she will review one’s medical history and asks for a physical examination which includes blood pressure, heart, lungs, weight and blood vessels.

Some heart related problems are diagnosed by the symptoms and the cardiologist’s findings when the patients are examined.