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In contrast, high school programs promote the integration of age groups. All organizations, from in-house youth programs to travel clubs, private cup elite teams, and Olympic Development programs, divide their players by age groups. One meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine12 in June 2016 found 14 studies regarding concussion prevention through novel equipment (such as headgear and mouthguards); however, only 1 study could be found that looked at implementing concussion education and concussion training programs. One of the most recent studies regarding concussion, which influenced the USSF’s decision, involved a large retrospective analysis of longitudinal surveillance data from high schools. Since the University of Colorado study was based on data collected from high schools, should we not target that specific level of competition? As indicated by the associations, the size three ball is recommended for children under 8 (U-8), the size four ball is recommended for children under 12 (U-12), and the size five ball is recommended for children older than 12. Twenty-four recreational soccer players from Kansas participated in the study.

It is recommended that the coach has significant knowledge of the techniques and how to practice them before undertaking teaching them to young players”.14 The use of the proper equipment is equally important to injury prevention. The Kansas Youth Soccer Association (KYSA, 2008) and the United States Soccer Association (US Soccer, 2011) recommended that children use smaller sized soccer balls than regulation adult sized soccer balls. If Dad does not have a computer, you can still make use of modern technology to gather everyone together. We usually gather at a community center, church or neighborhood park. There is a generalized consensus in the scientific community on the application of specific guidelines for education, detection, diagnosis, and treatment of concussions.1-4 Prevention remains a highly controversial topic. We should focus more on proper training, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. You will also notice more holes while approaching its tongue, which is the reason why it has a wide range of tightness across your feet. The top two teams from each group will qualify directly for the World Cup, while the two third-placed teams will fight for the one remaining inter-confederation play-offs.

One substitute player sits on the bench. Gosens scored one and set up two more from the left flank as Germany beat Portugal 4-2 in a thriller to get their first win of the tournament. I just try to help the team and try to arrive at the end of the season with chances to win titles. At the end of the six weeks program, a posttest was administered to both teams. By the end of the game, an entirely new line-up was on the pitch, including the goalkeeper, but Italy remained on top throughout. When those 14-year-old underclassmen may start playing against juniors and seniors at varsity level, will they be exposed to potentially greater risks of all types of injuries, including concussion from heading the ball, a technique to which they have not been exposed? A Swiss study13 published in 2002 in the American Journal of Sports Medicine found that implementing an injury prevention program at the youth soccer level significantly reduced injury overall, including head trauma and concussion.

Because of its controversy, the topic sparked much debate with the American public. The US Youth Soccer Registration of Players had 3 055 148 members in 2014. To better analyze the commonality of concussions throughout soccer, we must compare and contrast the American data with those of countries in which this sport has been played much longer and by many more. To date during MLB’s Monitor Testing program, there have been 65 positive tests (36 players and 29 staff members) out of 194,419 tests for a positive rate of 0.03 percent. A hockey-related concussion study in 2008 clearly showed a relationship between fatigue and concussion.16 There are significant differences between training and playing a regular game. Competition and agonistic interaction are clearly emphasized over development and training. Intensity and competitiveness, as well as mental and physical fatigue, are at different levels during a game than during training. A significantly high number of games played in a relatively short period is also observed at travel team and selective cup team levels.

Players and families often travel several hours to participate in the many tournaments offered throughout the country during the spring and fall seasons. The tournament’s opening match will be played at the Al Bayt stadium in Al Khor on Monday, November 21 in a match which will feature the host country. If the sport is inherently problematic, we should observe similar statistics for concussion in every country. Players differ greatly in their skills, time, and level spent playing the sport. There are distinguishing features of the way in which the sport is played in the United States, overall: significant age differences among players and playing several games in rapid succession. There is little or no anecdotal evidence or statistical data indicating that purposeful heading is likely to lead to acute or cumulative brain damage. Redesigning the format of youth leagues, reviewing the current state of evidence on concussions, and designing long-term epidemiological studies, as advocated by the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM),17 will be key to implementing the most effective measures.

Limiting or banning certain technical aspects of the game may reassure us; however, different measures to prevent concussion may need to be adopted. At present, no other federation in the world has adopted any limiting measures similar to those imposed by the USSF. Despite the paucity in the concussion prevention literature and in response to a class action lawsuit, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) adopted a policy6 that banned players under the age of 11 years from heading the ball, and for players between 11 and 13 years, the policy limited the number of headers they could perform during a practice. The Soccer Youth Federation is aware of these age-specific differences. Soccer is played by 250 million players in more than 200 countries; with an estimated 3.5 billion fans, soccer is the world’s most popular sport. We should acknowledge the lack of international research on concussion in soccer from countries where this sport is even more popular than in the United States.

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